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Big Smooth

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Specializing in macro cannabis photography, Jeff (creator of PotShots.Media) notices the tiniest of details. His gear allows him to look for the size and healthiness of trichomes to determine if the nug is well preserved and handled properly.

Here's his another review:

"The strong heady high of FadeCo’s “Big Smooth” hybrid soothes and focuses the mind with a light body relaxation."
Photo by Pot Shots Media

"A 17.3% Cannabinoid hybrid, “Big Smooth” is a flavorful but light flower that hits you in the head and doesn’t let go. The scent in the jar is light and sweet, and the cookies lineage is clear with a deep draw. My palate was vindicated when the taste reminded me of a bit sweeter blue cookies, and finding that Big Smooth is a cross of OG Blueberry and Cookies & Cream.

Screenshot of their rating!

The nugs are also on the lighter side, the jar packed with light fluffy green buds with a speckling of purple leaves, that are covered in a nice dusting of trichomes. The scent really comes through when the nugs are ground, opening up a lot of floral and citrus notes with a touch of mint that was less noticeable in the jar.

The smoke is fruity and sweet, holds true to it’s name of smooth, at least through my little glass water pipe. And the cannabinoids hit big. Right in the face. A strong heady high with a light haze, it had me super-focused on what I was doing and I zoned into my work for a good hour and a half before I realized that I had been so focused. Big Smooth is STRONG and fades slowly, so while I was able to get work done after smoking it I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone as a functional smoke.

"This is also a nice hybrid for nighttime, where it won’t put you deep in the couch but certainly will feel the effects."

There’s not much of a body high or pain relief, but there is a slight calming feeling overall."


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