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White Buffalo

We asked Los Angeles based Photographer, Bentley Rolling to give us his thoughts on White Buffalo. Read his review below!

"I went down to one of my new favorite shops, The Pottery, to pick up a sativa dominant hybrid called White Buffalo. It’s grown by Fade Co and is a cross between Romulan and Blackberry Kush. The nugs are fluffy and pale green, with deep purple undertones. They are drenched in trichomes and bright orange pistils. It truly is a gorgeous flower.

When I opened the jar, my nose was greeted by an intoxicating sweet scent. The terpenes I found most present are Pinene and Humulene. After the first hit, my palate was immersed in the sweet flavor of Pinene. Later in the session, I began to get an earthy aftertaste from Humulene.

'White Buffalo is like dessert for both the palate and the mind.'

After a long day of work, I was feeling run down and my thoughts were cloudy. I had plans to go to dinner with some friends and I wasn’t feeling social. In hopes of an herbal remedy, I rolled up a J of White Buffalo and began the session. Instantly a sense of euphoria washed over me and the clouds began to clear. My feelings of introversion were quickly replaced by energetic conversation. White Buffalo gave me all the tools to get out of my funk and enjoy the night ahead. If you have White Buffalo in your area, I recommend giving it a toke!"


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