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LA Based creative, @stoned_halfrican, got his hands on our Sherbert strain while stopping by The Pottery for their 1-year anniversary earlier this month. His photos are next level and we're so happy to have his review. Check it out for yourself:

"An earthy candy my nose won't forget. Sherbet, my nose’s muse, an indica dominant hybrid that knows how to take care of a tense individual."

The moment the top left the jar I felt like my nose giggled. Opening the smooth top of a FadeCo jar is always satisfying to me. It was the perfect reveal for these fabulous, fresh, funky nugs. Me being me I pick out the biggest nug in the jar and give it a whiff. Again my nose giggles with excitement.

After grinding the Sherbet nug, to reveal the most beautiful assortment of green and orange shimmering in the natural room light, i yet again, give it another whiff. I can’t take it anymore. I grab my bong and pack a generous bowl for myself.

Now let's take note that I am an assistant editor for film & TV and I also edit photography as well. So I am in front of a computer for almost 98% of my days. Sitting, straining my eyes, using my hands at all times.

I take a fat rip of the Sherbet and on exhale I got a nice relaxing feeling in my middle forehead and eyes. Relaxing my tense face from staring at a screen all day, Sherbet took me in to a very relaxing edit session.

I usually smoke sativas when I am working just to make sure I’m on at all times but the Sherbet coasted me through a very nice relaxing high. It kept my neck and shoulders at ease too which for me is a blessing.

Adding an indica dominant anything to my day isn't a norm for me at all but the Sherbet really coasted me through what could have been a stressful, back straining session."


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