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Jack Wreck Pre-Roll

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

This week's strain review was also by Emily Eizen. Emily has been in the cannabis space for sometime now on both ends of the camera. She has worked as a budtender and content creator at Erba (a dispensary in West Los Angeles / Sawtelle area where you can find most of our goods). We were excited to hear her official opinion!

Here's her review:

"Jack Wreck Prerolls by Fade Co. are a perfect example of what a preroll should be. From the packaging to the last hit, I was impressed. The clean, white tube it comes in is highlighted by the soft red accents of the lettering and subtle design.

Photo by Gray Area Agency

The strain and type of cannabis (sativa) are clear and legible. I popped open the tube to find a beautifully packed, full gram preroll. It was rolled and stuffed the ideal amount. It is generously packed, but not to excess because there were no loose bits of weed in the tube.

Fade Co. Jack Wreck x The Pottery
Photo by Emily Eizen

It smells pungent, fruity, and has that classic Jack Herer kick of citrus. I lit the tip and was instantly soothed by the soft crackle which continued throughout the entire joint. I was most impressed with how perfectly it hit. Every drag was consistent, easy to pull and made that perfect little hissing sound. The high was potent and I felt the effects of both the Jack Herer elements, and the Trainwreck elements.

At first, the high starts off very dreamy and inspires creative thoughts and ideas to percolate in the mind. The psychoactivity is elevated by the heart-pumping Trainwreck, which gave me a burst of energy and motivation to carry out my ideas. I also could not stop laughing at every little thing, which as a heavy smoker, I’m not able to experience with many strains.

Then, came the munchies. My appetite was elevated considerably from this strain. I had my pizza slice in one hand, and was editing photos with the other. I was able to focus and tap into my creativity.
Photo by Emily Eizen

I would recommend this strain to sativa enthusiasts who can handle the energetic effects of this strain. Those who get anxious or paranoid when smoking should probably stay away from Jack Wreck, due to it’s racy, high energy characteristics. But for those looking for a creative, stimulating daytime smoke, Jack Weck by Fade Co. is an incredible option.


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