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Old Family Purple

Review by Nesha Torres. LA based model and photographer concentrated on the cannabis space.

"It’s almost 11pm and first & foremost I’d just like to note that I will be reviewing this strain with my @vapiuminc vaporizer because I am currently visiting family and this is the most appropriate way for me to medicate right now.

As I opened the smoothly-rounded jar, the sweet aroma of OG Kush exited the jar and filled the air.

I brought my nose closer to the jar and took a deep breathe of this scent that I couldn’t stop smelling!

Finally, I chose the perfect crystallized bud, placed it inside my grinder and proceeded to fill my vaporizer. After 45 seconds, I get the green light to go.

After three puffs, I got this really epic first taste of Fruity Pebbles. Waited a couple minutes and went in for the next set of puffs on the vaporizer.

I can slowly feel the edge I had earlier ease off. I started this sesh sitting up right, and now its almost 1130pm and I feel more comfortable in more relaxed position.

This is definitely a great strain to use before bed, or before a flight. It will have you feeling fully at ease. Mind, body & soul.


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