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Super Glue

This week's strain review was also by Jeff (creator of PotShots.Media). His experience surpasses the average user because of having access to many different strains for content creation combined with his curiosity for the effects of cannabis.

"Super Glue is a potent gummy goodness, absolutely covered with trichomes. Bright gassy scent and flavors create a powerful but calming high. "
Photo by Pot Shots Media
"This jar opens with a burst of a sweet gassy fragrance with a hint of lime. The nugs are dense and loaded with trichomes. Really, really sticky trichomes."

Screenshot of their rating!

While GG#4 claims to “glue” you to your couch, this strain is just made of glue. Breaking open the nug with your fingers is a fun experience with this strain, it’s jam-packed with trichomes and it’s easy to get to stretch, pictured below. What you’re seeing is all the trichome heads smashing into each other and sticking. Once trichome heads touch each other it’s like trying to pull apart two pieces of gum that you just squished together. But in this case that ‘gum’ is the cannabinoid filled oils that your mind and body are about to enjoy.

In the same vein this strain can also gunk up a grinder pretty quick so a lighter grind or just good ol’ fashion hand grinding might be the way to go! Plus you could even end up with a touch of finger hash ;)

The high isn’t immediate, so be careful with this strain. With how many trichomes are on these flowers it’s pretty easy to see how FadeCo’s Super Glue tested at 26.4% Total Active Cannabinoids, of that almost entirely THCa. There’s a calming effect with this strain and I did feel some pain relief in my back which was nice. This strain leaves a pretty clear head without much of a haze, but it was strong enough that I did the classic “what was I doing again?” several times. It’s a great hybrid for relaxing and clearing the mind."


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