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Specializing in macro cannabis photography, Jeff (creator of PotShots.Media) notices the tiniest of details. His experience surpasses the average user because of having access to many different strains for content creation combined with his curiosity for the effects of cannabis.

Much like it’s frozen Italian namesake, FadeCo’s “Gelato” flowers pack a rich scent into colorful nugs that produce a light joyful buzz and high. Read More:

"Earthy and Funky aren’t two terms that you would ask for when deciding on which ice cream you want on a hot summer day, but when it comes to cannabis these terms are very indicative of what you’re going to get and many strainhunters make an effort to specifically track down these flavors. Gelato is formally a blend of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, and visually this is very apparent."
Photo by Pot Shots Media

"FadeCo’s Gelato is a colorful blend of greens and purples varying across the 3.5g jar. The nugs are good size without much stem, and are fairly dense. Sticking my nose into the jar for the first time I was hit with a real powerful earthy funk with a tinge of sweetness on the top. It’s a hard flavor to place, and after a few deep draws I was getting hints of ocean air and one brief scent of OG Kush that brought me back to high school in an illegal state. Cracking the nugs open reveals a wealth of happy bulbous trichomes and a whole new flavor profile, with more sweetness and pine coming through.

Screenshot of their rating!

At 19.23% Total Active Cannabinoids this Gelato is not a lightweight, but the effects I experienced were a body over mind true hybrid that was very functional. Smoking from a small glass pipe, the Gelato hit my body first with a relaxing wave, slowly creeping into a mild head high. There is no overbearing couch-lock or head haze, I was able to keep focused on what I needed to do, but my body felt relaxed and there was a nice calming buzz. After a minute there was a light ‘parsley’ aftertaste and a bit of dry mouth, nothing a sip of water can’t remedy.

I found myself cracking stupid jokes to myself and was generally very happy and upbeat. Smoking the Gelato from a water pipe was a more intense high for both body and mind, but still a very coherent high allowing to sink into the couch just as much as you’d like, but also get back up at a moments notice to finish writing this review.

"FadeCo’s Gelato is a body focused hybrid with a clear head. Funky, sweet smell and taste. Good for productive evenings after a long workday, or relaxing and conversing with friends."


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